Eddie and Emery return home, in which Jenny are dressed up while the Eric Cartman regarding South Playground

Eddie production house and you will complains regarding Chestnut’s come back to Jessica, simply to be very impressed whenever Jessica says to him to stay and therefore she would want to hear about their trouble

Jenny tells her or him one to Evan are their place and admonishes him or her getting mocking her or him, discussing Eddie since the „goofy” and you may informing Emery which he enjoys sensitive hand. Because Eddie informs Emery that they must make up which have Evan, Jenny begins to quotation Cartman, which she stated she preferred as he had been usually observed whenever Kenny are slain. Eddie and you can Emery, dressing while the one another, go into Evan’s space and you will apologize. Evan smiles at its impersonations of each and every most other and you can says to him or her he overreacted, and you can apologizes in order to his old brothers having destroying Halloween party.

Eddie then tells Evan that he don’t ruin Halloween night, and that an excellent perk to be elderly is that they normally enjoy Halloween and you may time key-or-dealing with much later on than just they previously you will definitely. Emery up coming magic just who they’d even dress because the, and you can Evan raises the photographs of the three of them clothed since „The 3 Amigos.” Eddie, Emery and you may Evan don their gowns while the About three Amigos, however, Eddie and you can Emery possess outgrown the brand new clothes, involved getting a tiny rigid on Emery whenever you are Eddie’s midriff was opened. Evan guides in the, saying one to his outfit however fits. The newest brothers after that hit a pose simply for a ripping noise getting heard. Eddie upcoming informs his brothers that he ripped some thing but is not sure exactly what it was, and you may requires their brothers to appear away. [45]

Louis after that dismisses them to make certain that he may go back home and you will run their yard, and you can Chestnut walks aside that have your to go over the garden

Eddie and Trent is actually handling the shipping of dining delivered to Cattleman’s, revealing the latest newfound responsibility that has been thrust abreast of him or her, which have Trent believing he may also rating a publicity. Only after that, Louis walks into glance at exactly what dinner has been brought to them, just to discover every boxes are full of insane. The 3 reflect on what sort of crazy they are considering in the event that delivery kid divulges that they’re chestnuts. When Louis requires the guy just how he knows that, the man reactions it is because the he could be an excellent 'chestnut’, sharing himself is the one and only Matthew Chestnut.

Chestnut apologizes having making Louis, but asks to come back. Trent is actually mislead concerning just who Chestnut try, and Eddie explains in order to your one to Chestnut are Louis’ correct-give man prior to he leftover to chatstepprofielvoorbeelden deal with cafe companies during the Dollywood. If you find yourself Louis 1st seems to be furious from the Chestnut, facing off facing him, the guy agrees to create Chestnut straight back as the his spouse, reinstating him as a manager. Chestnut following informs him or her which he kept all their onions from the parking lot under the sun in order to do his chestnut section, and you can Louis requests Eddie and Trent in order to recover him or her, far so you’re able to Trent’s chagrin, whom says you to definitely their odds of getting promoted to help you director is more.

She teaches you that it’s a strategy known as LIEing, Sit standing having Pay attention, Choose, Prompt, you to she hear about in her own Teacher Administration guide. She pays attention to help you Eddie’s state regarding Chestnut back to Cattleman’s, makes reference to that he’s upset when Eddie says you to definitely Chestnut is bossy, and you can 'encourages’ him so you’re able to draw it up when he says you to definitely Chestnut’s code from the delivery employees banned for eating ketchup otherwise mayo boxes is actually unfair.

On Cattleman’s, Louis was holding an employees meeting where the guy discourages concealing plastic snakes regarding the fire-extinguisher, even with as being the culprit in charge. Whenever Chestnut cites you to definitely Louis having up to his error renders your a beneficial commander, Trent produces a snide feedback in the Chestnut are „right up Louis’ butt.” Eddie suggests that it use an information container so as that professionals is anonymously display details, and therefore Louis initial takes into account up until Chestnut says one to back into Dollywood, Dolly Parton didn’t have a suggestion field because the she had several ears to listen to people pointers. Louis up coming closes along the suggestion, advising their team that they can speak straight to Chestnut out of any questions otherwise questions.